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We’ll be back again, bigger and better than ever, with 3,000+ attendees, in a 2 day event from June 17-18, 2020. We're looking for solo sessions, panels and deep dives on hyper-tactical topics in fundraising, sales, marketing, customer success, product and engineering within the SaaSuniverse.

We generally build sessions around unique perspectives to share with lessons we think would be valuable for other founders or execs to hear. So, don’t be alarmed if we reach out and ask you to participate on a panel or in some other format than you originally submitted. We want to make sure you and your topic are able to shine on stage in 2020. If we are interested, someone from SaaStr will reach out to you. We run on a rolling basis, so as we build out themes and content, your topic may become a better fit. So, if you don’t hear from us right away, you may later in the summer. Lastly, we are firmly not pay to play. Speakers are selected completely independent of any sponsorship.


Please make sure you review our speaker values and editorial guidelines prior to submitting your information below.

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